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5 week course

Cost: R800 per course

Age: from Newborn

Thursday mornings at 10am


Our Baby Massage Course is perfect for first-time moms that would love to bond with their babies!

Every week we will teach you the strokes for a new body part on your baby, until you know the full baby body massage!

Regular BABY MASSAGE will naturally optimize your baby's brain, health & wellbeing!




For Mom:

provides interaction and communication

lays the foundation for a warm and positive relationship

deepens bonding

creates a sense of oneness and harmony

benefits those giving the massage too, and

makes the baby feel comforted, loved and reassured.


For baby:

brings about deep relaxation

lowers stress hormones

stimulates all the systems of the body

encourages healthy growth

increases resistance against disease

aids digestion

promotes sleep

improves circulation and muscle tone

encourages deep breathing

helps to relieve colic and fussiness


We are so proud to say that  that we achieved our International Association Infant Massage certificate and became an instructor in 2014.

This course is taught to hundreds of new parents, which helps them to connect, bond and learn how to ease all those newborn niggles

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