Get your Nanny baby ready..

Let's upskill your nanny (from the comforts of your home) Lets teach her how to be Baby Ready! This Nanny training course designed by Bub Hub and Una, owner of Pikanini Baby Academy covers the following topics: - safety in the home - personal hygiene - toy cleaning - sleep and routine tips - medical issues , i.e. heat rash, nappy rash - how to deal with a sick baby - communication with parents A full manual as well as a certificate of completion is included. This course is one of Bub Hub's Top rated courses!

Newborn Nurture classes for little Bubs

NEWBORN Nurture mom & baby ONLINE CLASSES Did you know that baby massage & reflexology can help with your baby's teething and tummy discomforts? Baby massage incorporates reflexology into the routine to help ease and soothe our little ones. In the practice of reflexology, zones of the foot can be activated to bring about well being and balance in the connecting zones of the body. In our Bub Hub baby massage class we will show you how, by stimulating the zones on your baby's foot, you can help to ease teething pains, ear ache, sinus congestion and digestive discomforts Incredible isn't it? SIGN UP and meet other new moms

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