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Exercise prenatally and postnatally has many benefits.

Exercise in pregnancy can help with a faster birth as well as a faster recovery.

When exercising with our program, we help you to activate those pelvic floor muscles that assist you in birth, and allowing your body to do what is necessary through the birthing process.

Exercising really does help with your body awareness, and allows you to feel and sense what your body is telling you. Even though in pregnancy, there are symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, back pain, carper tunnel, water retention, back ache, pelvic pain, nausea, and more, exercise helps to alleviate the symptoms and can even remove some.

Exercise in pregnancy has also proven to benefit baby, with all the oxygen being dispersed through the body. Moms that have exercised in pregnancy have had healthier, smarter babies believe it or not. 

When continuing with exercise after baby has arrived, our exercises have helped moms to heal faster, get stronger quicker and have also helped moms who have had postpartum depression.

We screen each women who applies to join our class so we know their medical back ground and are aware of any complications that we can assist with in the class.


Our classes are planned with a safe 30 minute aerobic cardio vascular ball exercise, followed by another 30 minute toning, strengthening and stretching.

Every pregnant and postnatal mom should be made aware of what you can and cannot do in exercise and how to breathe when exercising. We are here to make it safe and effective.


Nicole Osborne Pina

Nicole has been in the women's health and fitness industry since 2010 as a qualified Callanetics/Pilates instructor and who fully qualified as a prenatal and postnatal instructor and worked with Preggi Bellies as one of their trainers.

Nicole is passionate about women and their health, their awareness of what their body can and cannot do and their ability to find inner strength.

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