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The 'Must Have' Itzbeen Pocket Nanny

The Itzbeen Pocket Nanny has arrived at The Bub Hub.

This is a must have for new moms and we have sourced far and wide for the necessary baby product.

Some cool features:

  • One touch timers: There is a built in night light to read in the dark as well as the ability to turn its light off after seven minutes, which is really handy as a new, sleep deprived parent."

  • Nursing Reminder: As a first-time breastfeeding mom, I cannot recommend this enough. It works great when its 3 AM & the baby is screaming & you not only have no idea why but which side he/she last ate on. "

  • Soft Glow nightlight: "This little thing is the brain pregnancy robbed me of. Especially in those early days just home from the hospital, when paranoia and sleep… "

  • Optional Alarm: "The alarms are great too because you can set it to make a beeping alarm, or turn it off and have visual (blinking light) alarm. "

They come in 3 colours: Pink, Blue and Green

You can get yours at The Bub Hub for only R380.00

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