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MONTHLY TALK: Desi Horsman

We kicked off our monthly talks by well known nutritionalist Desi Horsman.

Desi is a mother of 2 boys and has been in private practise for 15years and has been doing nutritional talks since she started. Her speciality from the start has been in babies and children because that has always been her interest.

She takes a slightly different stance with nutrition because its not as simple as telling people what to eat and giving them a diet (which generally only works for about 3 weeks before it gets thrown out the window and back to old habits). She looks at lifestyle and emotions and relationship with food and uses coaching to help make changes in such a way that they are lasting and that we find each individuals personal nutrition plan that will be easy to follow for the rest of their life.

The Talk was based on baby’s first foods, what foods to introduce and when to prevent allergies and to lay healthy foundations for life.

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