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Get Fit and Active After Baby!

Wouldnt you just love to get fit and active without having to jungle gym and baby. Most new moms dont want to leave their newborn baby while they head out to get fit and active.

Well we have the perfect class for you - ACTIVE MOMMIES!

Pop in with your baby and stroller and spend an hour with our lovely Tarryn while exercising.

All about Active Mommies:

  • Active Mommies provide exercise classes for moms and what makes it so unique is that your baby comes along to the classes!

  • They provide an exercise programme specifically designed for women recovering from pregnancy and birth.

  • Active Mommies encourages interaction with your baby throughout the class.

  • All our exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles and tone the areas that all women are worried about most!

  • Classes are designed to meet the needs of all fitness levels, from super fit to barely moving!

  • Classes are done in a very relaxed environment and we encourage discussions at each class about topic’s that are of interest to moms

  • Once a month we organise a mom’s social event and through this, great friendships are made

  • We have both an indoor and outdoor area available to us, so classes continue even in bad weather

To book a with Active mommies visit their website:

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