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Product Review: Babylace

Yay we have just received our Babylace Childrens Apparel in Store! this trendy and new age babies clothing line is selling like hotcakes. We have been searching countrywide to find a unique range that is no ordinary childrens wear.. We met up with Tennille and she has so much love for her brand.. this is her story..

Tennille, the founding member of Baby Lace and most importantly, a mama of one sassy young 1 year old, was inspired to get involved in sourcing and later manufacturing a very specific kind of baby clothing after falling pregnant in 2012. She began looking for this shop… the kind where she could pick up all the items that she had pinned on Pinterest. You know, the typical pictures of ‘cool kids’, boys in Tweed blazers and suspenders and girls in leathers and leopard print, filtering through your Facebook news feed. To her dismay, this shop did not exist, well at least not in this country, that’s for sure.

So she toyed with an idea every day at her accounts desk-job, about opening a store and sourcing these items so that South African parents could also dress their children like Pinterest showed us every day! It was a pipe dream for the longest time, and it seemed we were all destined for Hello Kitty and polar fleece, until one day, she quit the desk-job and took a giant leap of faith.

With bills to pay and mouths to feed, she began sourcing clothing from designers around South Africa in a hurry and before she could say ‘unemployed’, she was saying ‘self-employed’. She was selling at every market around JHB, every weekend and began building a brand that she could be proud of.

She had an eye for what mama’s wanted. She had brought Baby Lace to life! In a few short months, we have grown into a well known retailer of baby clothing and accessories, and this is just the start.

Baby Lace is hoping to expand even further, catering to every aspect of your little one’s needs.

She continues to run markets every weekend as well as this online store, and in September 2014, after much deliberation, began the clothing brand ‘Dylan Scarlett’, which also just happens to be her daughter’s name. It is a fresh and fun unisex baby, toddler and children’s clothing label.

After all, good service and stylish kids are the reason we are doing this.

Her Range is very well priced and starts at R120 an item!

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