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Weaning the Bumbles Way!

Today was the first of our bumbles Weaning Workshops. Billie-Claire founder and owner of the Bumbles range gave a very informative talk to our moms on the new adventure of starting solids.

The Bumbles™ Baby Food range uses only the freshest produce with ingredients such as beetroot, peas, spinach, blueberries and freshly puréed carrots. They make their baby food with the same love and dedication as how every mom makes it for their own baby; they peel, chop, blend and cook! Each different variant has been created in the Bumbles™ Kitchen and, more importantly, tried and tested by moms, babies and professional taste testers.

All the Bumbles™ products are based on values that reach beyond merely business, with the belief that small efforts and genuine heartfelt intent can make everything just a little better.

Weaning your baby is such an exciting time. It’s a big step for them as they are introduced to a whole new world of tastes and textures.

Stage 1 variants are perfect 'first foods' for your budding, little eater. Bumbles™ is all about flavour, so we have infused fragrant spices into our food to help develop your baby’s palate.

As we progress to Stage 2, the texture moves from a thinner purée to a slightly thicker purée. This change teaches your baby how to swallow.

By Stage 3 Your little foodie may have some teeth by now, so it is very important to introduce a lumpy texture to their diet. Our Stage 3 baby food has more texture as it includes, either whole quinoa grains, soft lentils or rolled oats. These nutritious foods give the perfect lumps to teach your baby to start chewing. This chewing action is a vital part of speech development.

The Bumbles Baby foods is stocked at most Clicks, Dis-chem and Wellness Warehouse Store!

Stage 1 range includes: Carrot Purée and a Pinch of Cinnamon; Sweet Potato Purée and a Pinch of All Spice; Apple Purée with Rooibos Tea; Banana Purée with a hint of Vanilla

Thanks Billie-Claire for a very informative and useful talk!

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