Would you like to own a bub hub Franchise in your area?

The Bub Hub Franchisees tend to have skills that are a natural fit with what it takes to succeed as a Bub Hub franchise owner:


The ability to effectively multi-task (we know it’s an art!)

Strong networking and interpersonal skills

The ability to build relationships with parents, parenting groups and others in your community

A commitment to working hard to ensure success of your business



Our recruitment process is designed to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the financial investment you are making along with the potential risks and rewards.

The process usually takes between 3 to 6 months 


what qualities are we looking for?


A people person – do you find it easy to strike up conversation in a friendly way and engage with both parents, children and corporate clientele?

Computer literate with own computer and internet access at home?

Ambition and determination to succeed – lots of energy and drive. Self-motivated with a ‘can do’ attitude.

Management – ability to manage a team of instructors.

Think quick on your feet, deal with operational ‘blips’, listen to feedback and implement change quickly.

You don’t need to have experience teaching children. As a management franchise, it’s all about being organised. You must be business minded and have good attention to detail.


what do we expect from you?


To source a venue 

To manage and motivate a team of instructors

To actively promote your business and drive membership sales

To manage your own day to day operation of the business

To manage your own administration, payroll, suppliers

To enjoy running your own business flexibly around your family



This initial meeting will be a introduction into what the Bub Hub & Company is all about.

We will to discuss your experiences, business plan for being a franchisee and financial expectations.

If we both agree that a Bub Hub business is right for you, your franchise can be purchased, your territory agreed,We can then move onto the next step in the process.




step 2 - Compatability Interview

This is a detailed and highly important part of our process serving two key purposes.


Firstly, it allows you to document your ideas and to demonstrate your skills and business acumen by outlining what your short and long term plans are for your business and how you aim to achieve them.


Secondly, it is an effective research tool that will provide you with a detailed insight into the industry, the local area and customer base, and the local competition – enabling you to assess whether this is definitely the right business for you.


Your business proposal should include a section introducing yourself and background history.

What new ideas you could add to the Bub Hub Business concept. (This should be about 3-5 pages long!)




Once we have received your business proposal and your application for a franchise accepted, you will then be sent a deposit and Exclusity Agreement. Your deposit will become payable and by signing this agreement you will be granted 6 months exclusive rights to your chosen territory where you will be able to scout and secure suitable premises for your business.

During this time your franchise agreement will be drawn up. You will also receive your Bub Hub  email address and stationary so you can start sourcing venues and making plans for your new Studio.

Successful applicants are expected to sign the franchise agreement within 60 days of paying the deposit.


The Franchise Agreement will provide you with in-depth information about the The Bub Hub franchise and its franchisees. The Franchise Agreement, which is a written contract between The Bub Bub Franchisor and yourself, lists both parties obligations and responsibilities. This is an exciting step in the process, it’s where you make your final decision and your balance of your Franchise Fee becomes payable.

At this stage you will secure your Premise by signing your lease agreement.


Once all the formalities are in order, you will receive all your required training and you will be readu to start your journey as a new Bub Hub Owner!


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