What makes Bub Hub a rocking MAMA hotspot & BABY concept studio?


The Bub Hub & Company studios are a modern, comfortable & unique concept set up in order to revolutionize

the world of mom, baby and toddler classes.

 Spend some quality time with your newborn, interacting with new moms, swap tips, share stories and relax while experiencing the first year of your babies life through the miracle of touch and exploration.

Our signature Newborn Nurture massage baby classes and Baby Builders stimulation courses are the most loved in Johannesburg & are a great way to make new friends with your little babes!


 The Bub Hub studio's are all about encouraging and supporting moms and dads in a

non-intimidating, relaxed environment & our studios only operate in beautiful venues which are well equipped for moms and babes – plus you can grab a decent coffee too!


Register for a class near you and become part of the much talked about Bub Hub community today.

Whether you’re an expectant mom or new parent we’re here to help make the birthing and baby care process easier for you.



Preggy Pilates

#101 Preggy Series 

Newborn Nurture Massage course  (0-2mths)

Baby Rock Milestone Class (3-4mths)

Baby Builders (4-6mths, 6-9mths and 9-12mths)

Baby Signing workshop

Baby Picasso

Nanny Training workshop

Nanny CPR workshop

 Family CPR and 1st Aid Course

Sleep Training

Starting Solids, Mini Photoshoots

and so much more..


The Bub Hub Team do not want any of our moms that have returned to work or live out of town to miss out on any

of our baby & toddler talks and workshops.

We will continue to offer you our important Baby milestone talks ONLINE on a monthly basis.

If you cannot make our in-studio happenings and would like to join us VIRTUALLY,

pop an email to info@thebubhub.co.za to get the upcoming Zoom Room Schedule!

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